Frequently Asked Questions

How is a pregnant woman positioned to receive a therapeutic massage?

During a massage therapy treatment, the woman will be supported with pillows or cushions. As the pregnancy progresses, the treatment will be performed in a side-lying position and/or a semi-seated position.

At what stage of pregnancy can massage therapy be introduced?
Massage therapy can be performed throughout the entire pregnancy, from conception to birth. If there are any concerns, a woman should consult with her primary health care provider before receiving a treatment.
What do women wear during a pregnancy massage?
Massage therapy is most effective done directly on the skin, however, women can disrobe to their comfort level. Throughout the treatment, the woman will be covered by both a sheet and a blanket and only the area being treated will be exposed.
Do you have the special tables for pregnant women lie on their tummies?
We believe that if pregnant women were meant to lie on their tummies, they would be able to do so naturally.

Throughout their pregnancy, women dream of the day when they can once again lie on their abdomen and enjoy an additional position other than their left or right side. We encourage our pregnant mothers to look forward to that day, once the baby is born, and avoid any tables or pillows that have them in a face down position.

Our concern is the added stress that these tables may add to the already changing mother’s body. Throughout pregnancy, the lumbar spines natural curve becomes amplified because of a woman’s growing abdomen. The abdominal muscles and ligaments become looser to allow for the growing baby. When a pregnant woman positions herself on a table and allows her abdomen to rest in the hole, the weight of the uterus will pull her abdomen forward which will increase the stress on the lumbar spine and the already loose ligaments of the pelvis and uterus. Although the ligaments need to stretch throughout the pregnancy, to accommodate a growing uterus, we feel there is no need to overstretch these supporting tissues. This position alone can cause undue stress on the female body and we believe that it would be unnecessary to encourage further stress to those ligaments and the low back during a pregnancy massage.

At the first sign of a belly bump, we like to position our expecting mothers in a side lying position, using two or more pillows to support the changing body and offer a safe and effective treatment. This position allows access to all the muscles of the back.

Another position we offer our pregnant clients is semi-seated. A special wedge pillow is used to allow the pregnant woman to lie in a partially reclined position versus flat on her back, which may compress blood vessels causing dizziness and ultimately a reduction of blood flow to the baby. The semi- seated position is usually used to work on the upper back, shoulders, upper chest, neck and face.

Many of our new moms return within a few weeks of giving birth, at which time we offer them the option to once again lie on their abdomen. Ironically, many decline the offer due to breast tenderness!

Thankfully, we have pillows to support post natal breast tenderness and once again, moms enjoy a treatment lying on their tummy.