Laser Therapy

60 Minute Massage Therapy with Laser – $135, plus HST

BioFlex Laser technology uses red and infrared light rays to treat many discomforts stemming from stress, injury, and chronic conditions. Red light emissions help bring down inflammation and promote circulation to a specific area of the body while infrared light stimulates the healing potential of the area.

Laser Therapy is often used in combination with massage therapy because it can provide some additional benefits. Your RMT will begin your Laser session with a discussion about your concerns and treatment goals. We offer a dual port Laser system that allows your RMT to operate 2 Laser arrays simultaneously. We can treat multiple areas of concern at the same time and maximize the potential of each visit.

Laser Therapy can help reduce inflammation, accelerate muscle tissue healing, and improve circulation. It is a safe and pain-free way to treat discomforts of the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

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Laser Therapy