Pregnancy and Infant Massage

60 Minute Pregnancy Massage – $125, plus HST

Pregnancy is a time of both physical and emotional change for a woman’s body. Massage therapy during pregnancy can help relieve many of the discomforts experienced all through pregnancy. In addition to increasing relaxation and improving circulation, Therapeutic Massage addresses many of the aches and pains a woman experiences.

Post-natal Massage helps the body adjust to the growing demands of motherhood.

Massage Therapy Can:

  • reduce muscle cramps
  • relieve muscle tension
  • increase joint mobility
  • reduce fluid retention
  • relieve headaches

The team of Registered Massage Therapists at Bayview Sheppard RMT, provide a safe, effective and nurturing treatment to expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. Their experience with Pregnancy Massage allows women to feel comfortable and confident to discuss any concerns they may have during this time of great change. Homecare exercises and stretches are offered to help women maintain progress throughout their pregnancy.

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15 Minute Infant Massage – $50, plus HST

Infant Massage can help babies relax and sleep better and promotes good circulation and digestion, it also helps to relieve gas and colic. Best of all, massaging your baby is a wonderfully enjoyable way to build the loving connection between the two of you.

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