Do You Have A Winning Ticket?

Today, marks exactly 4 months after our 15th Anniversary! We’ve drawn the winning tickets for our 1 HOUR Massage Therapy Gift Certificate AND Product Gift Bags.

We will draw the winners of our Thai, Hot Stone, Fascial Stretch, Aromatherapy, and Core Assessment Gift Cards as soon as we reintroduce these treatments back into our practice.

Without further ado, here are the WINNING numbers:

1 HOUR Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

00495416     00250316     03623272
05138494     1853355

Product Gift Bag

04408526     02972987
08248738     04491595
00250963     04210299
05145143     07449092
04194089     00027898
08508782     08362203
09409696     06073269

Check your tickets carefully, folks!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our raffle and congratulations to the winners. All your prizes are available for curb-side pickup. Just Call or email to arrange a time that’s convenient for you!

Stay tuned for information about the second half of our raffle!