If there is one thing about the winter we dread, it’s the below freezing days where we feel chilled to the bone. You know, the ones where it’s seemingly impossible to warm up no matter what we try – running a hot bath, drinking tea, you name it. We’re shivering just at the thought! The idea of de-robing for a Massage treatment can sound like a cruel joke!

Whether you are prone to cold hands, winter colds, or are just looking for an hour of relaxation and a chance to warm up, a therapeutic Hot Stone Massage is the perfect cure for your winter blues.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a type of Massage that incorporates the use of heated stones to warm tight muscles. The stones, which are not scalding hot but toasty warm, are placed in various places on your body including your back, stomach, chest, palms and feet.

While this type of Massage is perhaps best known for its comforting and relaxing nature – don’t fear. Your muscles won’t be missing out on that deep TLC they crave. By using hot stones to heat and relax your muscles, your RMT will actually be able to work your muscles more deeply while applying less pressure. Many Massage Therapy benefits are elevated thanks to the heat.

Stay Warm this Winter

It might go without saying that indulging in a Hot Stone Massage is the perfect remedy for those undeniably cold winter days. Some things are simply better when they’re warm: yoga, chicken soup, and even Massage Therapy! The heat of the stones is deeply relaxing while its warming effect is beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. The high iron content in the basalt stones keeps them warm throughout the duration of your Massage so you’ll stay nice and toasty no matter the temperature outside.

While warming up from the unbearable temperatures may be what got you in the door, it’s the increased circulation, improved sleep, relieved joint pain, and greater flexibility that made you stay. As the heat penetrates into your tissues, not only do your muscles become more relaxed, your blood vessels also open bringing more oxygen to the muscles thereby easing those aches and pains.

Hot Stone Massages, however, are not for everyone. Those who are diabetic, pregnant, have high blood pressure or are on blood thinners should not receive this type of Massage Therapy. Bayview RMT has many other options to lift your spirits come winter.

During those cold winter months, there’s nothing more warming and relaxing than a hot stone massage. If you’ve never experienced a hot stone massage before, contact Bayview RMT to find out if it’s right for you. We look forward to giving you a break from the cold this winter!


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