Our lymphatic system is a complex one, essentially operating as the garbage truck of our body, picking up toxins and dumping them out via urine. It plays a key role in our immunity, (effecting circulatory, metabolic and urinary systems) and facilitates waste removal on a cellular level helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to our cells.

Any molecules that are too big to pass through the “interstitial fluid” (fluid that bathes the cells) into our venous system enter the lymphatic system and become “lymph”, leaving fluid static in the tissues. There are many reasons for our lymphatic systems to be sluggish and under-functioning including pollution, toxins, poor nutrition mucous formation, as well as overload from previous viral or bacterial infections.

Typically if our lymphatic system is working well, we feel well.

The lymphatic massage works at skin level to influence the direction and speed of lymphatic flow, and redirects as necessary. The goal of the manual lymphatic therapist is to help restore tissue equilibrium and ensure what enters, equally departs.

Our specially trained MLD therapists use light, precise movements, pressures and sequences to influence vessels that live within the layers of the skin, and trigger the lymphatic system to empty back into the circulatory system. It has a deep calming effect and can be an excellent therapy for many ailments including:

• swelling due to sprains
• pregnancy swelling in the legs and ankles
• hypertension
• chronic headaches, migraines
• pre and post operation swelling (knee, hip, dental, cosmetic)
• detoxing the body
• lymphedema (inability for body to drain fluid) due to Cancer treatment or other
• reducing sinus congestion, vertigo, tinnitus and TMJ symptoms

As with all of our treatments, our RMTs customize treatments based on individual needs. Please contact us for more information at (416)-222-3768.

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