Registered massage therapists encounter all kinds of different people, conditions and concerns. We value our clients’ diverse experiences and the learning opportunities they present. Your perspective is important to us.

Here are five things that your massage therapist wants you to know:

  1. Your treatment is completely customizable

Does “relaxing” spa music drive you crazy? Please let us know and we would be happy to stream your playlist through our Bluetooth speakers. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of communication between client and therapist. Help us customize your massage to suit your specific preferences and needs. For example, if you prefer a certain technique, please tell us. Our RMTs are very adaptable and love feedback.

  1. Please don’t call us “masseuses”

We are registered massage therapists or RMTs. We have years of education and training including the study of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Much like a physician, our profession is regulated by a governing body known as the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). In order to maintain our registration with the CMTO, we participate in a continuing education program. We have legal responsibilities and professional standards to meet. Please call us by our hard-earned professional titles.

  1. Thank you, but you don’t have to re-make the massage table

We set aside a specific amount of time in between appointments to clean our treatment rooms. After your massage, we remove the used linens from our massage tables. We spray and wipe our massage tables using a disinfectant solution and a dust-free cloth. Other hard surfaces that may accumulate germs such as door knobs and light switches are also wiped down. Lastly, we re-make the massage table using clean sheets. Although we appreciate the gesture, it’s really not necessary to re-make the massage table.

  1. Please don’t undrape yourself

Registered massage therapists are legally required to follow strict draping protocols to protect the privacy of both client and RMT. We only uncover the area of the body being treated. The rest of the body remains fully covered at all times. If temperature is a concern, please let us know how we can accommodate you. The comfort and privacy of both parties is paramount for an effective massage therapy treatment.

  1. Homecare and stretching are MORE important than you think

The time you spend with your RMT is, unfortunately, limited. For the remainder of the day, week, or month after your massage therapy treatment, your well-being is in your own hands. The homework we give you is an essential part of your treatment plan to help resolve any pain or concerns that brought you to us in the first place. We’ll be checking in at your next appointment so don’t forget to do your homework!

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