Orange is the New Black. Ozark. Sharp Objects. The list goes on. We’re certainly no strangers to binge-watching our favourite shows. But what does that have to do with posture?

Think back to your last binge session – lounging there as minutes turned into hours. Were you maintaining a healthy seated position? Growing up, you might have heard from your parents to sit up straight and keep your shoulders back – but having good posture is no less important to us as adults than it is to kids. In fact, posture can significantly impact your overall health. So, enjoying your favorite shows actually can have positive health effects as long as you’re seated properly.

What is Good Posture and Why Is It Important?

Put simply, posture is the position in which someone holds his or her body when sitting or standing. Our posture impacts how the force of gravity is distributed through the body. With good posture, stress gets properly distributed to the right muscles and ligaments for our bodies to work efficiently.

The end result of this is decreased wear and tear on our bodies lowering the risk of injury. Further, your vital organs remain in proper position and your internal systems are then able to function as intended. Our bodies know a thing or two about efficiency!

Benefits of Good Posture

We’re certainly not judgemental of our clients who struggle with bad posture – we’re the first to understand that slouching isn’t something that’s done purposefully! Bayview Sheppard RMTs can help address the physical reasons behind poor posture, including inflexible muscles and low muscle strength, so together we can work on improving your posture.

Good posture certainly has its share of benefits. With your body working more efficiently, you’ll be amazed at just how much better you can be at tackling certain physical activities. Exerting less activity to do even the simplest tasks (i.e. bending down to tie your shoes) will leave you feeling less exhausted come day’s end.

Slouching has just as much an impact on your internal organs as it does your external ones. In fact, digestion and posture are directly related. By slouching, you put pressure on and compress your abdominal organs making it more difficult to process food properly. Same thing goes for breathing – as you sit up straighter, you’ll experience ease with your ability to breathe more deeply.

During your next streaming session

Here’s a checklist to help you improve your posture:

  • Keep your chin parallel to the floor
  • Roll your shoulders back and down
  • Leave your spine in a neutral posture
  • Have your elbows straight and even
  • Split your body weight evenly between both feet

Sound like a big ask? Join us at Bayview Sheppard RMT where our Massages can prep your muscles for more movement – we can also go over specific exercises for your individual posture needs. Bring on the Netflix!


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