It pretty much goes without saying that pregnancy is indeed life changing.  And for each expectant mother, changes to the body and mindset can be quite different throughout each trimester, and sometimes vary week-to-week or even day-to-day!

Regular therapeutic massages by professional registered massage therapists throughout pregnancy are a safe, nurturing and effective way of alleviating many stress, discomfort and symptoms that expectant moms experience. In addition to increasing relaxation and improving circulation, therapeutic massage can address many of the aches and pains common to pregnancy including:

  • reducing muscle cramps
  • relieving muscle tension particularly lower back and gluteal region
  • improves/maintains range of motion
  • reducing fluid retention
  • relieving headaches

A common fear about massage during pregnancy is whether the positioning or pressure from a massage could affect the unborn baby. RMT’s are specifically trained how to adjust the position of a pregnant woman during the massage as well as how to adapt the pressure applied to certain areas of the body. There are certain pillows and positions for each pregnancy stage to make women comfortable and the treatment safe. 

It’s important to share your concerns and experiences with your RMT at each visit so they can focus your treatment accordingly. It may be an overall full body in first trimester, then as the body changes through the second and third trimester, the focus could be hips and low back, or upper back as the breast enlarge and shoulders round forward. It is up to the client and RMT to decide a plan that suits these changing needs so the benefits are maximized with each treatment.

And the relief doesn’t stop there… massage treatments post birth, as well as infant massage, are extremely effective for mother and baby and are often found to be an instrumental component to post-natal health and wellbeing.

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Due to the increase in hormone levels, women retain more water during pregnancy. Elevating your legs and feet will help alleviate swelling and you should try and do so as often as you can. Here’s some tips:  

Try to raise your legs 6-10 inches above your heart for 15 to 20 minutes to help blood flow back to your heart. 

Another variation is to add ankle rotations and leg muscle contractions to your elevation to promote circulation back to the heart. 

With any self care or home exercises, or if you have any medical conditions, please consult with your primary doctor or midwife before beginning.

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